Plenty of choice in accommodation

There is an enormous selection of rooms and hotels available in Vassiliki. The following are links and contact details of those owners who have offered free accommodation to some of the competitors bringing their own boats to the event from off the island. Obviously we would encourage you to book rooms with the event supporters:

Name Type of rooms Phone Email Id
Hotel Phoenix Rooms +302645032005
Stavlos Cottage Rooms +306944584089
Kavadias Hotel Rooms +302645031501
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The village of Vassiliki

The bay of Vassiliki is a gorgeous sight, framed by mountains and backed by a verdant valley with abundant olive and orange groves. There are spectacular views of the sapphire sea and the nearby islands of Cephalonia and Ithaca. Early morning, the waters are serene and quiet, ideal for doing some kayaking or paddle-boarding. In the afternoon, the bay comes alive with the multi-coloured sails of catamarans and dinghy’s and with many windsurfers – this is why we’re considered by many to be the best sailing holiday in the world!